Twisted Dark Film Comp 2017 - the shortlist

The finalists in our film competition. I think the entrants did a great job!

How to Draw Hands, 2 Different Ways [HTD Video #3]

Secret Empire #6 by Mark Brooks - Marvel Quickdraw

Nice little video showing how Mark does his covers. 

Well it's been a while

I don't really know how people do blogs everyday - I find it very hard!  Anyway, this is just another example of why I think Dave Sim is one of the best letterers of all time.

Any comments?

Most unprofessional interview EVER! - Neil Gibson

Good Dragons and Bad Dragons

So every convention I go to, I get asked where I get my ideas from. I think it's a question most writers get asked a lot. The truth is I just make them up in my head, but they do usually start with something I see or hear. People seem to think that it's hard to come up with ideas, but I don't think it is. I do think it is useful to have a few constraints so you are not overwhelmed by having infinite options. I think that's why some people get writer's block.

If the con is a little quiet, I demonstrate the constraint theory by asking the questioner to come up with a name, a phrase, a location, an occupation and an object. I then have 5 minutes to come up with a decent story for them. I did 3 stories at Liverpool comic con this past weekend and I am sure I will do more at Birmingham comic con next weekend. I give the handwritten stories as a souvenir and I like to think it makes the con more memorable for them. HOWEVER, my daughter is a whole different kettle of fish.

Every morning I take my daughter to nursery and EVERYDAY she asks me for a story about good dragons and bad dragons. I like to think I can write quickly, but I am seriously tapped out on dragon stories!

So if anyone has any ideas for dragon stories, please write in and tell me. I never believed in writer's block, but after 5 weeks of good and bad dragon stories, I am a sufferer.

Very important info on lettering - by Alan Moore

Rather than write it, I thought I'd just share this link. Short powerful info!