Morning fun

No comment necessary...

For all the spam scammers out there!

I got sent this and thought it was hilarious.

Nothing to do with comics but still


Comic Book Makeup Tutorial (4 Different Ways) for all you cosplayers out there

Credit to Madeyewlook!

A LONG video on drawing using manga studio. For artists - not for writers!

Nice review

I recently launched a comic making course on how to make comics. The first webinar is free and the feedback so far has been awesome.

There is something so satisfying about delivering value - things that people enjoy and benefit from. I never understood when I was younger why someone would want to be a teacher. But now I think it is possibly one of the best jobs in the world - provided you have motivated students who want to learn.

Anyway, I digress, but if anyone want to get free material on how to make comics, here's a link


And here is a link to the review:

Little history for ya!

Read the article here ==>